Thursday, March 3, 2011

I suck at blogging.

It's been almost 2 months now and I have yet to blog about Ireland
or my third trip to London.

Let's just say, Dublin was amazing.
We had the nicest host, a young lad from University of Dublin.
We stayed in his dorm room, which was nice... except for that we had to climb over fences and breach security to get inside the perimeter.
First night, I chugged two pints of Guinness in under 3 minutes.
Second day, we went to the Guinness museum.
Third day we saw a rainbow in Howth, a small coastal town an hour out of Dublin.
We wandered through the streets of Dublin, had the first great breakfast I've had since I moved.
And we ended the trip with burger king and chugging our last drink at the bar 30 minutes before the plane took off.

London was good as well, though it started and ended rough.
Started with a day of figuring out the tube with giant suitcases, and well.. a little hungover.
Things were rough and my travel partner was not impressed.
We were tired, we hated the tube, and she had lost her jacket.
But then we met our first host, who made us traditional Italian dinner and we finally got a good night sleep. He also surprised us with coffee, nutella and vanilla creme for breakfast.
(we might have sneaked some Baileys too)
We woke up and did a little bit of sightseeing, then met one of my old friends for dinner.
PIZZA EXPRESS- if I'm in London, I'm having the express.
Then we went to meet our new hosts, three mates in a flat near London Bridge.
They were awesome, and completely made our London trip.

And then I had to find some place to print out my boarding pass on a Sunday morning in London before my plane left except for I had no idea where I could have done that and then everywhere was closed and so I was running around London in sweatpants and normal boots, causing me to have several panic attacks before submitting to going to the Police Station on the verge of tears and asking for directions to the nearest printing shop. Cut to me running a cool 4 miles, finally getting to print out my boarding pass, and then running back to the train station, making it just in time to run onto my flight.
Crackheading at it's finest.

All in all it was a great trip, and that is thanks to the one and only Danielle Astengo.

merp love.

(pictures on facebook)

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