Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Revelation #1: I love love love love love my friends. No, like, on the verge of obsession, love.

I'm the person who has best friends with the same people their whole life.
No, like seriously, my whole life.
The least I've known any of these girls is 5 years. The most is 15.
I grew up with these girls.
They are the ones who who knew me back when my life's ambition was to be an Egyptologist. (Yes, I was kind of sort of OBSESSED with the Mummy movies)
They have seen me through awkward phases.
Through stupid boys and ugly annoying girls.
They are the source of most of my laughter and the butt of most of my jokes.
They are the best people I know.
[[Victoria, Kristin, Hannah, Jess Pitchford, Jay Carroll, Cailey, Kellie, and Alympia]]
Oh, how I love them.

(Alympia somehow managed to be missing from every picture I had of the group, and Kellie isn't in this one either. Just imagine them in it.)

Senior year was without a doubt, our year.
Our friendship had never been stronger... until NOW.
I realized this recently:
I think we are closer apart then we ever were together. Because as the lovely Hannah said, now we don't take for granted our time when were all together.
I cannot wait till summer.
When we will take a picture where everyone is present. Heh Hum... Lymp.

Revelation #2: Life is an adventure. I should inspire myself everyday.

I am an ordinary person. I do average things. I wake up every morning and go to bed every night. I breathe in, I breathe out. But my life is, nonetheless, an adventure of EXTRAordinary magnitude. Because each day I live, I feel the wind on my face, I learn something that may change my life, and I do something that may change someone else's. I will meet people, make them laugh, make them cry, make them think. Each breath that I take has thunderous sound. Ordinary, Extraordinary; there are synonymous if you believe your ordinary is extraordinary. That’s what’s gonna change the world. That’s what going to make a difference. That’s thing that will make your life worth watching
when it flashes in front of your eyes.

-Caitlin Martin

isn't this picture inspiring? :)

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