Thursday, April 29, 2010

Viva La France

"America is my home, and Paris, my hometown."
Ok. So I'm not going to Paris.

I'm going here.
Aix En Provence, France

Beautiful, eh?

I will be attending the L'Acadmie d'Aix-Marseille.
For the entire next school year.
Entire. Next. School. Year.

It just hit me. Like, big time.
Because we had the awards ceremony today for everyone accepted into the study abroad program. And there were all these kids there, going all over the world- Denmark, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Ghana, Sydney, London, Japan... EVERYWHERE. Not to seem cheesy, but it sort of felt like we were in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, representing the country we were going to. Carrying the torch of fire from one country to... ok, I'm stopping. But I mean, you could have cut the excitement in the air with a knife. We are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime.
I am embarking on the adventure of a lifetime.
T-Minus 5 months.

Each precious moment I have with my family, my friends, my Peanut Butter (!!!) is crucial. No matter how excited I am about this, I will miss them so much. And I'm sure within the next five months I will have, I don't know, 456732 meltdowns. Especially when trying to pack. How do you pack for a year?
(yeah, the international programs people suggest that you take all of the things you would like to bring, and then cut that in half. something like "pack three pairs of pants, 5 shirts, a jacket and shoes." uhh, NO. That just doesn't work for me.)
And how do you say goodbye at the airport without bursting into an uncontrollable fit of sobs? How do you say, "Where is the bathroom?" in French?!
And how...
I guess I will just have to figure it out. Because the thing that is keeping me holding on is the thought of getting off that plane, out of the airport, and breathing my first breath of FRENCH AIR. And knowing that I made it.

L'homme ne peut pas decouvrir de nouveaux oceans a moins qu'il n'ait le courage pour perdre la vui de la cote.

P.S. I have been posting a lot.
Like everyday.
And I think because this blog, is right now The Coolest thing ever to me.
So sorry that I am a pretty post happy at the moment.
I'm sure it's just a phase.


  1. cait, that is so exciting!
    you are honestly gonna have soo much fun, its ridiculous. I am very jealous actually that you get to study abroad for an entire year cause my junior year im only going for a semester :) awwww!!!! stoked for you. and what were they thinking trying to minimize a girls closet. there is a pair of shoes with each outfit..dont they know that!?

  2. 1. I know, I feel like I am about to having the most life changing experience ever.
    2. You ARE coming to visit me in France. Start saving now girlfriend :)
    3. I KNOW. Why would those people ever in their right mind think that I could downsize my closet that much? Like, I'm trying to be looking fly. You can't look fly with 1 pair of "practical" shoes.

  3. is this the trip im going with you on?!!!!!

  4. YES :) hopefully I find out the dates soon.

  5. Hey girl you got a blog!!! :) Now we can be buddies!

    I can't believe you're going to France, that's so unbelievably exciting!

  6. yes, yes i did.
    and yes, yes we can.
    && yes, yes i am.


    p.s. follow me so i look cool.
    mmkkk thanks.