Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sooooo French.

"So French."
It's this catch phrase I'm trying to get started.
Hoping it will be something like Paris Hilton's "That's Hot."
Is it lame? Ha, well I tried.

Anyways, I'm HERE!
France France France France France.
&& its effing beautiful!
the city.
the food.
the clothes.
the wine.
seriously, though. all the beauty has made the 15 hours of travelling I did worth it.
yeah, that's right 15 hours.
10 hours from LAX to Paris. 4 hour layover in Paris. 1 hour flight to Marsailles. 2o mins drive to Aix.
How does that suit ya?

Aix-en Provence is a beautiful place, and the people here are even more beautiful.
Tan, confident, stylish, amazing.
Fingers crossed all that rubs off on me!

So far my top moments have been
A) Finding my apartment! I'm staying with my newest homegirl Alexis in an adorable 17th century apartment building. 17th century! Wow.
B) Getting to buy alcohol without getting carded! The second night here I shared a bottle of wine with 3 other girls. Aix is known for its wine- well all of France is, right? Mmm, words cannot describe how good it was.
C) Watching French people sing along to American songs. I think you can guess its pretty hilarious.
D) THE Woohoo. Part bar, part club and a hotspot for youngsters like me. I think the name alone describes how awesome it is.
E) The other people in the program are amazing. I can see me becoming friends with them all!

actually, the only bad thing is this 9 hour time change. so hard to sleep. but another week here should fix that little hiccup.
I'm so excited!!!!!

viva la france, bitches!

(i will post some pictures here, but for all the pictures from my adventure, check my facebook)

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