Saturday, September 25, 2010

i only have a blog to creep- eh, follow other blogs

because right now, nothing much is happening in the life of
Caitlin Martin.
which makes me sad. because im not living in france or anything.

ok, it's not bad. it's just, you know i had this idea that i would be spending this entire year eating pastries, and riding vespas, and wearing berrets.
that all the buildings would be from the 17th century and nobody would have cell phones
and everything would just be so fabulously french.

and, now i guess i could say im, well,

because everyone has cell phones.
and no one wears berrets.
the boys all ride skateboards. not vespas.
and all the buildings are new.
and there is mcdonalds.
and big industrial buildings.

and i actually have to study.
and i'm still a poor college kid.
and i get tired.
and have bad hair days.
and everyone can tell i'm american just by looking at me.

and it just sucks that vacation is over and life has begun.

enough whining.
i'm done.
i just need a hobby.

i'm thinking:
french cooking class.
vampire slaying.

i've made tons of friends here. some that i know i will have forever. and i have a lot of fun. and i guess the mere fact that i'm in the works of planning my trip to amsterdam in october, paris at christmas, and india/spain/italy over summer makes my life pretty awesome.
not to mention possibly paris fashion week in the spring.
and cannes film festival in the beginning of summer.
oh, wait. actually my life is pretty badass.

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