Tuesday, November 23, 2010

cheerio, love.

I have just returned from my second trip to
London, England.
verdict: its love.

The trip began with a particularly beautiful flight.

I guess these were pretty nice too...

After we got into town, we ate at Pizza Express.

A restaurant that serves dough balls.
As in balls of dough with a cup of butter.
As in, ohmyfreakinggod.

Followed by some words of wisdom from my father.

I'm happy to say the apple didn't fall far from the tree.
So much awesome.

Then, it was the big event.
The reason we were in London in the first place.
The premiere of Harry Potter 7.

Which was, AMAZING. i was, well... spellbound. tehe.
We saw it in IMAX.
And we sat behind a group of American students who put my Harry Potter obsession to shame.
I believe I heard one girl say
"if I have to pee during the movie, I'm just going to be in my pants.
I brought napkins."
(Not to worry though. next movie, I'm bringing a wand. Maybe a cauldron.
Bitches think they can out fan-girl me... pshh.)

And we walked around, checking out Big Ben, the London Eye, and Parliament.


which was guarded by very intense, machine gun carrying cops.
Parliament, which I decided to throw a starburst at.
A starburst that hit a window and made a sound and made one of the intense machine gun carrying cops come out from his post and stare me down.
With his big machine gun.
I thought I was going to get arrested.
But an innocent smile does wonders and he lowered his weapon and walked away.
**Note to self: Do not throw candy at important buildings. Cops won't be amused.

We ended the evening buy people watching drunkies over hot chocolate before returning back to Victoria Station and back to the airport for our flight back to Aix.

Bloody Good Show Chaps.

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